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 User accounts & activity

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Azry An'gell

PostSubject: User accounts & activity   Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:28 am


Each user is allowed to only have 1 account.

If someone creates more than one, the new account will be deleted. If the user does it again, the account they signed up with first, will be deleted and they'll be banned.

In case you want a new account to start with another main character since you don't like your old one anymore, instead of signing up again, just make your character die or visit a changer in the game.
This will allow you to keep your post count, messages, contacts and other things associated  with that account.


This only has to worry you, if you just signed up or consider to sign up:

If within four weeks after your registration, you have not posted anywhere (either in the RPG or the threads in the member's section) or have logged in during that time without posting a short introduction, your account will be deleted.

Please understand that this is done to avoid ghosts (meaning users that only appear in the member count but are actually inactive) or grabbers (meaning people who just are interested in copying story or other board content without maybe even crediting it).
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Azry An'gell

PostSubject: Re: User accounts & activity   Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:20 am

Activity addition for those who consider to play:

We must ask you to not join the board as a player, if you do not have the time to contribute to the game with at least 1 post a week. If you can spend more time playing than this, it's even better but one post a week is required Exclamation

This is to ensure the game is kept alive and to not have the other players maybe get stuck for too long, waiting for someone to reply.

If you started to play and do not post there as often as it's the limit, for longer than a month, you will be made to be a reader and taken the rights to join the game again Exclamation

Unless of course, you did post you won't be able to (due to stressy time at work or holliday, things as such), in our Gone & back thread, in the member section.
This however only applies, if it's just for a time period that you can't play as often, if you can't in general, please join the board as a reader.

More info abourt reader status you can find in the member info threads after joining.
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User accounts & activity

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