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 Board rules

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Azry An'gell

PostSubject: Board rules   Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:38 am

I know rules are boring but please read them still:

1. Be KIND to each other! No mobbing, insulting or threatening any other user because of anything!

2. Please DO NOT post any content (text, image, link etc.) which violates any laws or is inaproppriate in another way (e.g pictures of someone totally naked).

3. If you post wish to post any content which does NOT belong to you (e.g pictures taken by someone else), please make sure you post that with its legal owner's name or the source you have it from. Posting that stuff without crediting the owners is STEALING and will lead to removal of the postings to avoid the forum owners getting into trouble with law.
This does include sigpics and avatars as well, however not official promo pictures or fan art created with those. Though, to be on the safe side, you can always only link to such content.

Breaking one of these rules will result in a warning, if that doesn't seem to have helped, the user in question will be banned for a while. If he/she still does not act according to them then, their account will be deleted PERMANENTLY!!!

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Board rules

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